Other Services

Sister State Judgment and California Joinder Services

Some retirement plans based in California require a joinder before a Domestic Relations Order (DRO) filed in another state can be implemented by the retirement plan administrator. QDRO Helper can assist you with domesticating an out-of-state DRO with a California court and then filing a California Joinder. Please call 619-786-QDRO for more information about Sister State Judgments and Joinders for cases originating outside California.

Posthumous “Nunc Pro Tunc” QDROs

When one party dies after the divorce or legal separation process has been filed with the court but before the QDRO process has been completed, a posthumous or “Nucn Pro Tunc” QDRO may be needed to effectuate the division of retirement benefits described in the judgment. Please call 619-786-QDRO for more information about QDROs filed after the death of one party and how we can help.