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QDRO Helper Form

Flat Fee QDRO Preparation

$500 for the first QDRO per marital dissolution, $450 for each subsequent QDRO. For the Flat Fee Service, both parties must jointly retain QDRO Helper.

For example, the total fee for 2 QDROs would be $950 (which can be split $475 per party). The total fee for 3 QDROs would be $1,400 (which can be split $700 per party).

qdro helper hourly

Hourly Fee QDRO Preparation

$500 Deposit per QDRO. When we only represent one party, we require a $500 deposit per QDRO and our service are billed at the hourly rate of $200.

qdro helper joinder

Joinder of Employee Benefit Plan

$200 Flat Fee per Joinder. Some retirement plans (typically city, county and state government plans) require a joinder before they will honor a QDRO. We provide California joinder services for any plan that requires a joinder. Joinder services are only offered in conjunction with QDRO preparation services.

QDRO Helper Winners

Court Filing Services

$150 per QDRO. As part of our QDRO preparation services, we provide clients with a detailed instruction letter detailing how to file the QDRO with the court (by mail) and submit the court filed copy to the plan administrator. The court filing fee paid to the court is $20-65 per QDRO. However, for $150, we assist clients who prefer that we handle the court filing and retirement plan submission for them. This service is only available to our QDRO preparation clients, and when the parties are able to provide QDRO Helper with a fully signed QDRO. This service does not include elisor motions.

QDRO Helper pricing

QDRO Review Services

$400 Deposit Required. QDRO Helper can review QDROs prepared by other attorneys or law firms. Services are billed at the hourly rate of $200 with a minimum 2 hour charge.